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 "Just Mary" used In A Clock Store. "Maggie Muggins" used The Kerry Dance. Daily farm broadcasts used Country Gardens. A short-lived program c. 1949 called Alan 'n' Me used The Grasshopper's Dance. Young deejay Peter Jennings used "The Beachcomber" (Boosey & Hawkes 78) on "Peter's Program. Max Ferguson (as himself and as old Rawhide) used this great George Barnes version of Clarinet Polka. 

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Are you still out there?

Can you think of any themes from early Canadian radio programs? I
would say 1950s and back. They can be songs or classical or
semi-classical pieces. The more familiar, the better. Drama or comedy
programs would be best, but perhaps also music programs, if the themes
were long-running and familiar. I figured you would know a couple just
from memory. Thanks.

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