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 Percy played the song on a CBC broadcast and had a dub made for Ruth to take to Tommy Dorsey. Her son has it (might have been a couple of copies). I've been trying to get him to transfer it for years.


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This is all very interesting. Thanks Kristjan and David,

Here's another question for DL. I read somewhere that Percy Faith
made an early recording of I'LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN. If that's accurate,
where would he have made that recording?


-----------------------------------------From: "David Lennick"

Sorry, it was Hank Snow who did some sides during the ban.
On Thursday, September 3, 2020, 08:36:54 a.m. EDT, David Lennick

I'll never understand why Montreal and Toronto didn't take advantage
of the ban by recording current songs there. Even Mexico City. And
what about Honolulu?


Toronto had virtually NO commercial recording industry except for
transcriptions and commercials. Victor and Compo had been active in
Montreal for decades but stayed under the radar during the ban, with a
few exceptions..Wilf Carter recorded some sides during the ban, but
these sound as if they were done at a private studio, not Victor.
Compo's Apex label had some recordings by Canadian singers who
wouldn't have sold anything in the States. A local Newmarket
bandleader, Max Boag, recorded 4 sides as "Harry Glenn" to satisfy the
juke box trade, which couldn't get the current songs..these were
issued on Apex. And they're bloody awful.

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