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Hi, Malcolm,
You'll find interesting info here:


On 2020-08-25 19:23, Malcolm wrote:
> Recently I won an oddity at auction I'm having no little trouble doing 
> research on. Here's the discographic data I've compiled so far: JOHN 
> M. HANERT as Organ Solo (Hanert): John Marshall Hanert, org prob. 
> Madison, WImc. 1952 E2KB 5802She's My Sweetheart Leilani From 
> WaikikiPenewell no# - Side 1 E2KB 7397What Good Is Alimony?Penewell 
> no# - Side 2 Penewell no# - Side 2 of no Hawaiian interest (Franky 
> Day) John Marshall Hanert was one of the inventors of the Hammond 
> Organ (re Wiki). Penewell refers to Jack Penewell, the same Jack 
> Penewell that invented the double-necked guitar and recorded for 
> Autograph and Paramount back in the early days of electric recording. 
> Penewell was a multi-instrumentalist and lived mostly in Madison, 
> Wisconsin. After WW2 he had a store in Madison. What kind of store is 
> still unknown but he evidently was the producer of the Hanert record 
> c. 1952. It is a personal record pressed by Victor as the matrix 
> shows. UCSB has no info on it, or any other personal record pressed by 
> Victor, as far as I can tell. The white label has a blank masthead (no 
> record name at 12:00) but Penewell's name is printed at the 6:00 
> position, along with Madison, Wisconsin. I am so led to believe that 
> he produced and sold this (and other?) private pressings out of his 
> shop. That's all I've got on either Hanert or Penewell's later life. 
> Any further help here? Thanks in advance,  Malcolm 
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