[78-L] Jack Penewell query

Malcolm malcolm at 78data.com.invalid
Tue Aug 25 10:23:43 PDT 2020

Recently I won an oddity at auction I'm having no little trouble doing 
research on.
Here's the discographic data I've compiled so far:


as Organ Solo (Hanert): John Marshall Hanert, org

prob. Madison, WImc. 1952

E2KB 5802She's My Sweetheart Leilani From WaikikiPenewell no# - Side 1

E2KB 7397What Good Is Alimony?Penewell no# - Side 2

Penewell no# - Side 2 of no Hawaiian interest (Franky Day)

John Marshall Hanert was one of the inventors of the Hammond Organ (re 
Wiki). Penewell refers to Jack Penewell, the same Jack Penewell that 
invented the double-necked guitar and recorded for Autograph and 
Paramount back in the early days of electric recording. Penewell was a 
multi-instrumentalist and lived mostly in Madison, Wisconsin. After WW2 
he had a store in Madison. What kind of store is still unknown but he 
evidently was the producer of the Hanert record c. 1952. It is a 
personal record pressed by Victor as the matrix shows. UCSB has no info 
on it, or any other personal record pressed by Victor, as far as I can 
tell. The white label has a blank masthead (no record name at 12:00) but 
Penewell's name is printed at the 6:00 position, along with Madison, 
Wisconsin. I am so led to believe that he produced and sold this (and 
other?) private pressings out of his shop.
That's all I've got on either Hanert or Penewell's later life.
Any further help here?
Thanks in advance,

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