[78-L] 78-L - broken disc, genuine catastrophe

Jeffrey Lichtman jeff at swazoo.com.invalid
Sat Jun 27 17:11:46 PDT 2020

You might want to get in contact with the Project IRENE group at 
Lawrence Berkeley Labs. They developed a system for playing records from 
optical scans. Their system might be able to play your broken record 
without the use of tape or glue.


On 6/27/2020 1:49 PM, Andrew Evans wrote:
> A cretin on eBoy sold me an E- copy of an early French jazz rarity which
> he proceeded to wrap in single-ply corrugated card seemingly repurposed
> from an unfolded bottle carton, two winds of bubble-wrap and a gatefold
> LP sleeve. No surprise that the disc arrived in two neat pieces: it
> could have been a lot more than two.
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