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I'm sure dl will be able to tell you who played second tambourine!

     Julian Vein

On Sat, May 30, 2020 at 1:50 AM Graham Newton
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> Hello Everyone, and all ships at sea!
> I hope you are all well in this trying time.
> I'm working on a fascinating large project for the Salvation Army Archives
> here
> in Toronto on the "THIS IS MY STORY" radio program.  It was a 1/2 hour
> show
> with music, chorus and about a 12 minute dramatized portion in the middle
> starting at about 8:00 minutes in.  The whole Salvation Army Band sound is
> very
> British and very similar to the sound of music from the Chappell Recorded
> Music
> library.
> I did a sample restoration of two of the shows, one can be found here if
> you
> would like to hear it.  This project will probably keep me well occupied
> for a
> year... there are over 300 shows to be done.
> Sample show "Earl "Buster" Ellis (program #3)
> http://www.audio-restoration.com/THIS_IS_MY_STORY-EARL_BUSTER_ELLIS.mp3
>   From information I presently have this show was originally produced
> beginning
> in 1949 and was probably done in a studio in Toronto Canada.  The show was
> distributed on 16" transcription discs in both Canada and USA and I
> believe the
> USA version was a sub-set of the Canadian produced show because the show
> numbers of the Canadian and US shows do not match.
> Sample Canadian transciption label
> http://www.audio-restoration.com/THIS_IS_MY_STORY-CAN_Label.JPG
> Sample USA transcription label
> http://www.audio-restoration.com/THIS_IS_MY_STORY-US_Label.JPG
> The archives is presently taking a detailed inventory of this part of
> their
> collection to determine how complete their holdings are and what holes may
> exist.  Also the condition of the discs and whether better copies may be
> needed.
> We are thus actively looking for any collectors who may have some of these
> discs who would either sell them to the Salvation Army Archives or loan
> them to
> us to copy digitize and restore.  The end purpose is to post the entire
> restored series of shows to their web site and/or to offer the shows for
> broadcast as a co-operative historical program as the original run of
> shows was.
> Your comments and any assistance to locate this material would be greatly
> appreciated, but please respond off list.
> Thank you all...
> ... Graham Newton
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