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Fort Nauck's Virtual Tour this coming Friday! 	
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In the immortal words of Groucho Marx, "I'm a dreamer, Montreal." And 
given the fact that the *2020 Association for Recorded Sound 
Collections' Annual Conference* in Montreal was canceled last month, 
dreams were pretty much all we were left with. But wait . . . the 
conference lights have flickered back on, the stage is set and the 
entire event will now be held over the Internet (via Zoom) in glorious 
living color! Not only that, registration is free and open to all.

*2020 ARSC Conference Program* 


As previous attendees know, Friday nights are typically reserved for the 
*Collectors' Roundtable*. This is an informal event during which we 
gather together in the conference hotel with some records, a couple of 
beers and a turntable. This year however, we will be taking a private 
tour of *Nauck's Vintage Records*. I would like to personally invite 
each and every one of you to join Mark, Jack and me for a peek behind 
the otherwise impenetrable walls of Fort Nauck's, followed by a live Q&A 
session. This will be a new experience for your three genial hosts, but 
we are looking forward to the challenge and to the opportunity to rub 
virtual elbows with our Nauck customers and ARSC colleagues.
Though the conference is free, you must register. (ARSC membership not 
required.) See you soon!

*Free Conference Registration* 


*Nauck's Vintage Records*
22004 Sherrod Ln, Spring, TX 77389
281-288-7826 | Fax 425-930-6862
nauck at 78rpm.com


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