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Sat May 2 01:43:46 PDT 2020

one of the San Francisco Bay Area=92s TV stations when I was a kid.

I remember the organ music and his jumpsuit.  He also mentioned that
you should have a good diet a lot.  In Wikipedia, it mentions a record albu=
he put out in 1959:

His TV show was all part of the rich variety of TV in the San Francisco
Bay Area during the 1950=92s and 1960=92s.

- Dave King

> On May 5, 2020, at 3:30 PM, Peter Muhr <pemuhr at> wrote:
> When I was a boy, this fad had carried over into TV, & a guy named Jack
> LaLanne led a daily exercise show using live organ accompaniment for his
> regimen.  I would imagine radio shows, there must've been more than one,
> also used organ or piano music, or perhaps even a small instrumental
> group.  Virtually all music on early radio was performed live by studio
> musicians, so records wouldn't have been utilized until likely sometime
> after WWII.
> Peter Muhr
> On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 2:43 AM Donna Halper <dlh at>
> wrote:
>> In the 1920s, there was an exercise craze, based on a fad called the
>> "Daily Dozen" (a series of 12 exercises, originally created by Walter
>> Camp; these simple calisthenics were supposed to help one to become
>> physically fit, even in the comfort of one's home). For some reason,
>> radio got involved in the exercise craze, and various programs (which
>> I've written about in an essay you can find online called "Exercise and
>> Expertise") featured the exercises, led by a friendly host who guided
>> you through them each morning. But I'm trying to find out which songs
>> were used-- I recall seeing advertisements in newspapers for these
>> programs (and the ads mentioned  the names of the local stores that sold
>> the exercise records, but the ads I saw _didn't_ mention the songs-- it
>> just said the store had the exercise records). I also recall a couple of
>> newspaper articles from the early 1920s, that discussed those
>> recordings, the ones that were based on Walter Camp's Daily Dozen... but
>> I can't find my notes. Anyone know which songs from the early to mid
>> 1920s might have been used on these radio exercise programs, and who
>> performed them?
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