[78-L] What I've Been Up To...

Elizabeth McLeod lizmcl at midcoast.com.invalid
Sun Apr 7 16:14:46 PDT 2019

In keeping with Kristjan's suggestion that we try to goose some life into
the old 78-L, I've been building up a library of radio-era 78rpm sound
effects records, to be used in the actual production of a live radio variety
program. I've been the manager of a theatre for the past fourteen years, and
in that capacity I've started a twice-yearly live-radio show, with comedy,
music, and all the rest. We don't do this show as hokum with corny costumes
and broad exaggeration -- I try to do it as an actual radio variety series
would have been done in the heyday of such without in any way mocking the

Toward that end I've been accumulating records I can use on an SFX truck I'm
building, based on a Califone turntable and PA amplifier. Most of what I've
picked up so far has been from the Standard and Speedy-Q libraries -- I had
actually worked with the Standard library in one of my radio jobs long ago,
and have regretted ever since that I didn't swipe the records when I had the
chance, because they all ended up junked when the station moved. I find the
Standard recordings more convincing, but the Speedy-Qs seem to be easier to
find, and are generally suitable for my purpose. I'm looking especially for
late vinyl pressings in broadcast-quality condition -- it's frustrating to
find one I need only for it to be all scuffed and noisy.

Our next live broadcast over our local community-type station and its
worldwide feed will be July 7th. If you go to WRFR.org and look on their
home page you'll find a link to our first show, done on December 16th. The
regular cast is made up of people who work at the theatre, with guest
performers picked up around the neighborhood, with script and directing by
me myself. Didn't use any recorded SFX for the first show, because I didn't
want to make it any more complicated than it needed to be for people who'd
never done any kind of radio production, but I think we're ready to move to
the next level.  


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