[78-L] Oldtimers query

iñigo ciadelgramofono at yahoo.es.invalid
Sat Apr 6 19:37:34 PDT 2019

Of course I would also help if money was needed for such a recovery of 78L emails. Even in case the whole database could not be completely recovered, it would be a valuable project. A whole bunch in plain txt files of all possible digests, if such a thing is possible, must not be very heavy, so everyone could download and store it's own copy for safety. I would suggest to build up such a thing among the several volunteers that still have copies of digests or emails available, prior to September 2008, with a calendar or something, similar to the current klickitat database, which already has the latest ten years of emails promptly accessible... I even had planned to start downloading this current database we're in, for safety and own peruse... A true encyclopedia of hobby related info, a real treasure. If only we could recover another ten years of emails 1998-2008. That's only the earlier half is missing of our story... This half Ron already has made, 2008-2019, it's already possible to download it week by week? There are some odd 550 txt files already stored, week by week, but once each thread index is on your screen, for instance, one has to go through it email by email... although the useful links to previous and next emails helps a lot...  an entertaining task. If this enormous file could be downloaded by complete threads, for instance, even jumping across the week-by-week division, so we could have a database with all complete threads, coded by date of start... Ron may know how to do this... Then the whole txt file could be perused, looking through for any word or name.Me also remembers those ole days with netscape mail and the dial-up connection... the old tick-it-tick-it sound when the router (which I already have) was dialling up for connection, and that 15 metres long phone cable from one room to the phone plug... aaah...! happy old times!The simple txt email is a powerful and simple tool, and if photos and files cannot be uploaded, you always can include links to dropbox or any other temporary storage site. I used to keep a box of old email printouts from the list, but that 1) was a heavy box and 2) in paper form was not fastly searchable unless a complete index was elaborated, so I eventually discarded it. But I kept there lots of emails from the list with useful bits and lots of non-indexed information. I liked to browse through it from time to time... Even to make an automatic index of such encyclopedia would be possible, but I suspect it could be a book as heavy as the info you're indexing...! In electronic form, plain txt, it would not be an impossibly heavy file, I suspect...«Inigo, 'awaken at 04:32 local, impossible to resume sleep' Cubillo, from Madrid, Spain. The disco nearby can be heard from my bed... like of muddled thumping noise of that absurd bass frim that absurd music... I'd love if what I heard was the faraway echo of a gramophone party instead... LOL!»

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