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Boyhood chum Dave "Blue Pages" Diehl sent me an invite, probably in 1996,
with the line, "a great time waster if ever there was one," and I was
intrigued.  He would occasionally forward a few gems.  But we were on
dial-up and paid by the minute.  I think I joined in early 1998 once I
learned to have Netscape download my mail to my computer so I could craft
queries or replies offline, then connect and hit send.  Ah, the good ol'
days.  Right.

A few years later I moved and lost all connectivity for about two months and
when I got back on the Thai Slave Girls episode had already been reduced to
punch-line status.  I'm still not sure if I missed anything or not.

I've always been long on questions and short on answers, but it's been fun.

Among the best things I remember was the dissection of History Detectives
episode with the aluminum Amos n Andy disc, and all the discussion of A&A
and racism - and Elizabeth's masterful dismantling of all of that.  Worth
every cent I spent on internet that month.

And we've lost a number of great guys.  Jack Palmer and I visited a few
times when he drove through west Tennessee.  When I logged on a few minutes
ago I saw an Unsubscribe message from Bud Black saying Bud passed away on
March 9.  I'll miss Bud, too.  The ol' eccentric groove will grab every one
of us.

Rodger Holtin
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XXI Jahrhundert, I think. And I miss Big Sid Catlett (meow.)


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