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David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca.invalid
Wed Apr 3 19:11:31 PDT 2019

Oh, come on, Lennick..2000! Not 1990! I keep losing decades.

On 4/3/2019 10:09 PM, David Lennick wrote:
> Interesting..I was playing a feature on record collectors I did for the CBC in
> October 1982 and Steve was in it. For those of you who knew Steve in his later
> years, you'd never have recognized his voice. None of the roughness and choked
> sound of just a few years later.
> By the way, it was Steve who ushered me into 78-L in 1990. (Probably would have
> been earlier if I'd owned a computer!)
> dl
> On 4/3/2019 8:26 PM, Kurt Nauck wrote:
>> Due to some computer config issue, many of Steve Barr's posts are dated
>> in the early 1980s.
>> But the earliest post I see on my system is this from 1/3/98. I would
>> have had earlier ones, but at this point I was deleting anything that
>> didn't interest me.
>> From: tgracyk at garlic.com (Tim Gracyk)
>> To: 78 RPM Records  <78-l at cornell.edu>
>> Subject: Victor's 1st electric disc to be distributed
>> I'm doing research on Victor's transition from acoustic to electric,
>> and I know that Brian Rust states in the VICTOR MASTER BOOK that
>> Victor 19626, with the Mask and Wig Club Double Male Quartet on
>> one side, the International Novelty Orchestra on the other, was "the
>> first Orthophonic recording to be issued by Victor."
>> Does anyone own a copy?Ă‚  How rare is it?Ă‚  How was it distributed?
>> TALKING MACHINE WORLD does not list it in the Advance Record
>> Bulletins; Victor supplements don't mention it; Victor catalogs
>> don't list it.Ă‚  Seems it was distributed on a local basis only,
>> presumably in Philadelphia where the University of Pennsylvania is
>> (right? I'm not sure where it is, come to think of it).Ă‚  Who composed
>> the "Joan of Arc" on the disc?Ă‚  Written specially for
>> the Mask and Wig Club event for 1925?Ă‚  Presumably it is not the "Joan of
>> Arc" song of 1918 or so.
>> Roland Gelatt says it was rushed to Phil. in April, but Gelatt doesn't
>> document how he knows this (typical for Gelatt), and I don't
>> automatically accept anything Gelatt says in his now-outdated book.
>> By the way, the International Novelty
>> Orc. is the same as Jack Shilkret's Orchestra at this time--same
>> musicians (including Lou Raderman, Jack Wasserman, Al Raderman, Harry
>> Shilkret).
>> I guess when Nat directed, it was called the International, and when
>> Jack was in control, it was called Jack Shilkret's Orchestra.Ă‚  But maybe
>> someone knows more about this than me.
>> At least one Victor record issued later than Victor 19626 features
>> performances
>> recorded electrically BEFORE the March 16, 1925 session with
>> the Mask and Wig guys (who WERE these folks?).Ă‚  I'm thinking of the
>> Eight Famous Victor Artists on that remarkable 12 inch disc featuring
>> "A Miniature Concert."Ă‚  It should be reissued on CD...very interesting.
>> Comment, anyone?
>> Regards,
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