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Interesting..I was playing a feature on record collectors I did for the CBC in 
October 1982 and Steve was in it. For those of you who knew Steve in his later 
years, you'd never have recognized his voice. None of the roughness and choked 
sound of just a few years later.

By the way, it was Steve who ushered me into 78-L in 1990. (Probably would have 
been earlier if I'd owned a computer!)


On 4/3/2019 8:26 PM, Kurt Nauck wrote:
> Due to some computer config issue, many of Steve Barr's posts are dated
> in the early 1980s.
> But the earliest post I see on my system is this from 1/3/98. I would
> have had earlier ones, but at this point I was deleting anything that
> didn't interest me.
> From: tgracyk at garlic.com (Tim Gracyk)
> To: 78 RPM Records  <78-l at cornell.edu>
> Subject: Victor's 1st electric disc to be distributed
> I'm doing research on Victor's transition from acoustic to electric,
> and I know that Brian Rust states in the VICTOR MASTER BOOK that
> Victor 19626, with the Mask and Wig Club Double Male Quartet on
> one side, the International Novelty Orchestra on the other, was "the
> first Orthophonic recording to be issued by Victor."
> Does anyone own a copy?  How rare is it?  How was it distributed?
> TALKING MACHINE WORLD does not list it in the Advance Record
> Bulletins; Victor supplements don't mention it; Victor catalogs
> don't list it.  Seems it was distributed on a local basis only,
> presumably in Philadelphia where the University of Pennsylvania is
> (right? I'm not sure where it is, come to think of it).  Who composed
> the "Joan of Arc" on the disc?  Written specially for
> the Mask and Wig Club event for 1925?  Presumably it is not the "Joan of
> Arc" song of 1918 or so.
> Roland Gelatt says it was rushed to Phil. in April, but Gelatt doesn't
> document how he knows this (typical for Gelatt), and I don't
> automatically accept anything Gelatt says in his now-outdated book.
> By the way, the International Novelty
> Orc. is the same as Jack Shilkret's Orchestra at this time--same
> musicians (including Lou Raderman, Jack Wasserman, Al Raderman, Harry
> Shilkret).
> I guess when Nat directed, it was called the International, and when
> Jack was in control, it was called Jack Shilkret's Orchestra.  But maybe
> someone knows more about this than me.
> At least one Victor record issued later than Victor 19626 features
> performances
> recorded electrically BEFORE the March 16, 1925 session with
> the Mask and Wig guys (who WERE these folks?).  I'm thinking of the
> Eight Famous Victor Artists on that remarkable 12 inch disc featuring
> "A Miniature Concert."Â  It should be reissued on CD...very interesting.
> Comment, anyone?
> Regards,
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