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In December 1956 The Havana Special would have taken you from Miami at 
10 pm, arriving in New York at 7 am.
(neither Hollywood or train expert)

On 2018-12-25 20:57, Rodger Holtin 78-L wrote:
> Merry Christmas, 78-L! OK, back to business. Even my grandkids believe 
> the holidays are properly validated by watching White Christmas. I 
> consider myself a success. However there are crucial questions that I 
> cannot answer and so I turn to my friends. In the early scenes of the 
> Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye movie White Christmas, they are apparently 
> playing a show in Florida. Wallace and Davis have two train tickets 
> for New York. They show the girls in the Pullman sleeper and Wallace 
> and Davis spend the night "in a drafty old club car." How long would 
> that trip have been in 1954? Overnight or two nights? More? Less? Sent 
> from my sluggish old iPhone, which explainz any bad typjng, bad 
> spellimg, nonsensical word choices, delays and all other lapses. 
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