[78-L] Nero 15 dehum - any help appreciated

Rodger J Holtin rjh334578 at gmail.com.invalid
Wed Jun 6 19:57:19 PDT 2018

I'm certain the original was 60hz as regulated by the TVA when the cassettes
were new in the 1990s or before.  I'm sure the wow and flutter is going to
change that some, and since these are probably dubs, maybe even second or
third generation, from cassettes and/or reels, I'm lucky I get anything,


The program does have some tune-ability in that I can select the 50 or 60,
and then select a width range around the selected frequency.  It also has
"automatic hum detection" which would seem just the ticket for a novice to
use, so I did.  Visually, it appeared to drop the noise by 10%, but I cannot
hear any difference when I do an A/B comparison.  


Thanks for the thoughts, guys.


Rodger Holtin

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Another thought is that the hum may not be exactly 50 or 60 cycles,
especially coming from a cassette. Does Nero make allow you to tune the
filter to something above or below 50/60? If you are working with a dub, or
a dub of a dub, there may be more than 1 hum source in your recording.


Joe Salerno

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On 6/4/2018 10:42 PM, Mark Bardenwerper wrote:

> On 6/4/2018 5:14 PM, Rodger J Holtin wrote:

>> So I'm relearning everything with a new computer with new versions of 

>> everything, and it's been a fun two weeks, but I'm stumped on this one.




>> I just transferred a cassette for a friend and the 60 cycle hum will 

>> drive anybody nuts.  I see that Nero 15 has "Dehum" as an 

>> enhancement.  I used Nero 6 for 10 years and never had to try this 

>> feature.  I learned the declicker by trial and error - set it to the 

>> extremes and back off/modify until I got something decent - and it 

>> works pretty well for lots of garden variety noise.  Trying that 

>> methodology with the dehum in the new version, however, doesn't seem 

>> to do anything at all.  As usual I must be missing something very 

>> basic.  I have Audacity on this machine, too, but I don't see any dehum
options there.



> Two things: it might not be 60 cycles, might it be 50? In Audacity, 

> you might try "remove noise." Take a sample and run it.




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