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The duo recorded a few 78's for the Copley label, but also 45's. And the 
label (dedicated to Irish music) came along in the late 40's, according 
to this:

...and this:

However: it may be that Copley reissued earlier recordings with the duo 
- the label was a continuation of a family business, which had been 
issuing Irish music for some time, using other label names.

On 2018-05-27 06:36, Donna Halper wrote:
> In Boston and throughout New England, there were few vaudeville duos 
> more popular than Max Zides & Tom Currier (who used the name Hum and 
> Strum).  From the 1920s through the 1950s, they were regular 
> performers at the biggest and best night clubs in the Northeast, as 
> well as on Boston radio, and later on TV. I know they made some 78s 
> circa 1947, for the Stellar Recording Company, but when I went on 
> YouTube to see if any of them were there (several were), I also found 
> an Irish novelty song on the Copley label, and my assumption is it's 
> from the 1930s.  I knew nothing about this-- I mean, yes I knew the 
> song, but I had no idea they recorded it, and I don't know what year.  
> Do any of you have any info about the recording history of Hum and 
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