[78-L] Camarata Question

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Wed May 9 23:26:13 PDT 2018

I am not a musician, but only a music fan. But I find this quiz very interesting. The sound is not of an usual trombone; maybe it is a trombone playing on the high register. Also it sounds "slow" and legal, somewhat "creamy", another point for the trombone.
But in the end he does a jump to a higher note that sounds like a trumpet. It is not easy, for we're not used to listen trombones pla quoteying this way, but it could well be one. It sounds too slow and thick to be a trumpet, but we're used to trumpets played in many different ways, and with sounds quite different too.
So... Dunno!.... But my final bid goes for a trombone skillfully played, disguised as a trumpet.

Very funny!

Any other bid before a master unveils the mystery?


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