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On 4/12/2018 10:22 PM, Ron L'Herault wrote:
> That third symbol is line level input.  You can't plug most turntables into it but output from a tape out is line level.
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> Thanks, Iñigo,
> That turned out to be a good answer.  I hadn't messed with that since I had no clue what the third jack on this thing is.
> There are three 1/8" jacks.  There's a pink one marked with a picture of a microphone, a green one with a picture of headphones and a third, blue one, marked with an icon something like this (((-+))).
> I can patch from the output of the tape deck or whatever into the mic and it is over modulated, as we would expect by running line level into any microphone input.   The headphone jack is exactly what the picture implies.  If I plug into the (((+-))), I get that source audio through the computer speakers, and both Nero and Audacity record it correctly.
> That means I can bypass the old outboard sound card altogether with this computer - a real plus.
You might be able to go into CMOS and disable the onboard sound card. 
Also, there is such a thing as an "attenuated" audio cord. I had one, 
but I failed to mark it as such and it got mixed with others and lost in 
the fray.

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