[78-L] digital dilemma

Mark Bardenwerper citrogsa at charter.net.invalid
Thu Apr 12 19:13:40 PDT 2018

On 4/12/2018 1:46 PM, Rodger Holtin wrote:
> For ten plus years I've used an outboard sound card from ADS Tech with a
> desktop machine running Windows XP.  It worked with my original Nero
> recording software and also with Audacity.  It worked perfectly with three
> or four XP machines over the years, but the most recent XP machine no longer
> plays well with others and at fifteen years old, it can't last much longer,
> so I've picked up a Windows 10 machine with i5 processor etc.
> I've navigated most of the usual issues, and learned a lot of Microsoft
> updates are not improvements but regressions, and I've figured out
> workarounds for most of the outlook and office crap, but this one is the
> most important and it really bugs me and I hope one of you tech-savvy folks
> can bail me out.
> Apparently, the ADS Tech sound card may not compatible with Windows 10, and
> ADS Tech appears to be out of business, so there's no advice available from
> them.  It takes the left channel from the card and doubles it over to the
> left and right in the computer.  In other words, with both plugged in, I get
> signal in both L & R at the computer, but unplug only the left from the
> mixer and I get silence at the computer.  Likewise, unplugging only the
> right from the mixer, I still have signal in both left and right at the
> computer - both are the left channel at the mixer.  Dubbing a stereo record
> or tape, or grabbing some FM radio and it becomes immediately obvious what's
> going on.  So it looks like stereo because both input meters jump, but the
> signals are identical - from the left channel only.  If I plug it back into
> the XP machine, it's still perfect, so it seems to be a Windows 10 problem.
I keep an old computer around for the same reason. I program two-way 
radios at work the still rely on DOS programs.

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr.
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