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On 1/20/2018 1:41 PM, Rodger Holtin wrote:
> Yeah, interesting article, but really raises as many questions as it
> answers.  What happened to the copy that supposedly went to the Library of
> Congress, per Benny's narrative?  Did Helen Ward's copy vanish?  Which is
> which, where?
> I assume Benny's account of the number of copies in his narrative was PR
> shorthand, not factual.
> An aside: Did you guys choke on the link for "acetate"?  What a hoot.
> But the use of multiple cutters does explain for me why the eq changes in
> mid-tune and during applause segments, which I would not have expected to
> have happened as often with 16" at 33 1/3rpm.
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> Very confusing article..almost sounds as if there were 6 cutters involved,
> if CBS was also recording it (implied). And lacquers with 8 minute capacity
> would be 33rpm 12 inch, unless the writer meant 2-sided 78s. This is a mess.
I dunno. Sounds to me like the Smith recorded with his two cutters to 
make one set while another set was cut at Universal Recording Studio. 
With two sets of acetates, there was surely mostly overlap, but in the 
event of a failure, the second set would have served to fill in.
There was a story floating around that Goodman had stashed his in a 
closet and his sister-in-law stumbled upon them much later.
Interesting how different versions move the facts around to suite space 
and audience. I actually think the website I found had information 
lifted from a book, possibly the one reviewed here.

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