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Rodger Holtin rjh334578 at gmail.com.invalid
Sat Jan 20 11:41:30 PST 2018

Yeah, interesting article, but really raises as many questions as it
answers.  What happened to the copy that supposedly went to the Library of
Congress, per Benny's narrative?  Did Helen Ward's copy vanish?  Which is
which, where?  

I assume Benny's account of the number of copies in his narrative was PR
shorthand, not factual.

An aside: Did you guys choke on the link for "acetate"?  What a hoot.

But the use of multiple cutters does explain for me why the eq changes in
mid-tune and during applause segments, which I would not have expected to
have happened as often with 16" at 33 1/3rpm.

Rodger Holtin
Henderson, TN

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Very confusing article..almost sounds as if there were 6 cutters involved,
if CBS was also recording it (implied). And lacquers with 8 minute capacity
would be 33rpm 12 inch, unless the writer meant 2-sided 78s. This is a mess.


On 1/20/2018 8:46 AM, Mark Bardenwerper wrote:
> On 1/19/2018 10:23 PM, Rodger Holtin wrote:
>> I've had the Lp for decades.  Don't know why, but I had always 
>> assumed these were originally cut on 16" at 33 1/3, as an 
>> air-check-like format.  I don't recall detecting any 78 noise on the 
>> Lp set, but they were a tad dull, and listening to the 1999 Sony CD 
>> this week, these sure sound like 78s.  Doug's note below mentions 24 
>> discs, but I was not sure if those were 78 rpm dubs made for the
convenience of consumer players.  Now I'm really curious.
>> What were the originals?
>> Where was the lathe, or lathes - in a back room at Carnegie or was 
>> this done over a wire to some studio?
>> I'm guessing all this has been covered here before, and we've batted 
>> around Carnegie Hall a lot in the last 25 years on 78-L, but I don't 
>> remember it if these topics were covered.
> The recordings were done by wire. 
> http://www.jitterbuzz.com/carcon.html
> Four lathes were used, not all at the same exact speed, lending to the 
> difficulties of early edits. Sound quality was compromised several 
> times along the path and there was no onsite engineering to speak of. 
> It was all quite primitive, even by period standards. We are fortunate 
> to have the quality we have.

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