[78-L] Gaiety Records - Diana Johns, Lillian Uttal

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Sat Dec 2 18:04:36 PST 2017

Can anyone provide information about the GAIETY RECORDS (Hollywood-Los
Angeles)78rpm label ??? 


A search finds issues number 1001, 1002, and 1004.  

What is 1003, any above 1004??

Artist, writer is "Diana Johns"


1001A  I Only Wanted his autograph

1001B  Maizie the cocksure


1002a  He Didn't Ask Permission

1002b  Not In The Busy Season.


1003a  ??

1003b  ??


1004a  Injections

1004b  I haven't the courage to strip


Is this "BLUE" material ?  


According to NY Times article and Billboard death notice, Diana Johns is pen
name for lyricist Lillian Uttal.

Uttal committed suicide October 1947 in NY, age 44, attributed to depression
following death of her

husband (in Chicago, 4 months prior) - article did not provide name, but a
marriage notice shows a Jan 10 1931 marriage of a Lillian Uttal to  Ernest

She had a brother, Fred Uttal, a radio announcer in NYC.


Anyone have further information ???




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