[78-L] Frank Sinatra Backup

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Mon Nov 20 13:30:27 PST 2017

Thanks for that Jeff.  Maybe we can get at the identity of the group from an another angle.  The sound of the group is very distinctive, like a Hawaiian group.  Maybe someone might recognize it or have a lead, and we can verify that the group was in Hollywood on the recording date which was 2/28/49.  You can hear the record on Youtube...
---- Jeff Sultanof wrote: 
> I've learned the hard way that very often, lists of studio singers were not
> kept for a number of these sessions. My mentor was a group singer for
> years, and his name very rarely shows up on session listings. The musicians
> are listed because the labels had to file contracts with either Local 802
> (New York) or Local 47 (Los Angeles). I remember when Phil Schaap called
> Ray Ellis to find out the names of the singers on Billie Holiday's "Lady in
> Satin" because Columbia did not have a listing of them. He lists a singer
> named Lois Winters in the CD reissue, but I contacted him to tell him her
> name was Lois Winter without the S. I knew many of the singers from the 50s
> and 60s, and its a pity I didn't formally interview many of them, as they
> had some wonderful stories!!

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