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Wed Oct 4 11:12:50 PDT 2017

I guess many of us have come across private recordings in thrift-stores 
etc, and bought them or got them when buying whole collections. I've 
often wondered how anyone would want to part from such private documents 
from old relatives, but, of course, some of these recordings have 
probably come from people who didn't have any close relatives to take 
care of their stuff.
Still, my impression is that most young people today care very little 
both about our collective history and the private one. "Why should I 
care about what happened in the 1940's - I wasn't even born then" is a 
classical comment.
I guess it's the same in most western European countries and in North 
America. My experience is Sweden - where there are no war vet recordings 
to take care of or dismiss. But if we had, I'm not sure many would care 
what happened to them.

On 2017-10-04 05:55, Rodger Holtin wrote:
> Listers, I recently attended an event for WWII vets and was engaged in 
> some discussion of WWII era records. A recurring subject was the many 
> records the servicemen cut at USO centers which they then sent home. I 
> transferred one to CD for a friend and he posted it on his Facebook 
> page. Discussing these records with vets and their families, it's 
> certainly true that many of them have been separated from the 
> families. I have been able to return a few old Prestos picked up a 
> flea markets to the rightful families and now I wonder if you all 
> would help me get the USO records you have back to the rightful 
> families. Many will have names, and ranks which may be traceable - or, 
> if they are untraceable, at least get them to veteran's groups. I have 
> some connections which may find this a valuable project, if we can get 
> the records back from folks who may have come into possession of them 
> who have no connection with the vet. Any interest out there? Rodger 
> Holtin Heneerson, TN For best results use Victor Needles 
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