[78-L] help dating a Columbia Masterworks 78 album

Randy Watts rew1014 at yahoo.com.invalid
Thu Sep 14 21:35:45 PDT 2017

For what it's worth, on newspapers.com the Kostelanetz/Gershwin album MM-559 starts showing up in reviews and advertisements beginning in April 1945.

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For display purposes, I need to know the approximate release date of Music
of George Gershwin by Andre Kostelanetz, Columbia album set # MM-559,
including discs 4310-M through 4313-M.


I don't recognize enough of the stuff advertized in the back cover.  No war
bond ads, but a list of OPS Ceiling prices, nice picture of laminated


Mostly need to know if this could have been found in a record store in 1945.




For best results use Victor Needles


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