[78-L] Greta Keller on LMS 183

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca.invalid
Fri Aug 11 10:33:30 PDT 2017

I've forwarded this to one of the Facebook groups (where a lot of the talent 
has migrated). Might get some info there.


On 8/11/2017 9:54 AM, Han Enderman wrote:
> Almost exactly 7 years ago Liberty Music Shops 183 by Greta Keller was discussed here.
> The record was recently on ebay, offered by Jazzman78, who gave - as usual - the matrices.
> I do not know if the problem has been solved already, but here are the details:
> GRETA KELLER with piano accompaniment:
> 39533-B Midnight Breeze
> 39534-B Where Are You?
> Rust, CED2, gives mxs 39632/34 NY c 15 Jun 1935, which are typos with a date guessed for these typos.
> Mx 39531 is Cleo Brown's Pelican Stomp, 20 May 1935 (single title, NY).
> Mx 39535 starts the Willie The Lion Smith session of 22 May 1935 (all NY).
> So the Kellers are from 20 or 21 May 35.
> There are more mx-groups with "details unknown" at this time in Ruppli's Decca books.
> Maybe NY custom recordings?
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> PREVIOUS DISCUSSION, saved 16-8-2010:
> Thanks, David.  As you point out, Rust lists 39632 for both Bordoni and
> Keller.  I have checked my copy of the Bordoni and it is 39631/2; so the
> Keller must be 39633/4, not 39632/3.  But if anyone actually has a copy
> of the Keller to confirm which matrix number goes with which side, it
> would be appreciated.
> -- Jack Raymond
>> David Lennnick wrote:
>> Odd..according to the Decca books, 39640/1 are unknown. 39631/2 are
>> Irene Bordoni on Decca white label S-1 (which I have, but not handy
>> to check the disc) and 39633 is unknown. Rust shows 39632 and 39634.
>>> Jack Raymond wrote:
>>> Does anyone on the List happen to have a copy of Liberty Music Shop
>>>   L-183 Greta Keller: Midnight Breeze/Where Are You?  In my
>>> numerical list of LMS records I show the matrix numbers as 39632-B
>>>   and 39634-B respectively; but I've just been told that those
>>> numbers were used elsewhere and that the numbers for LMS-183 are
>>> probably 39640 and 39641. Can anyone confirm this?
> ---
> I've been trying to determine the correct matrix numbers for Greta Keller:
> Midnight Breeze/Where Are You on Liberty Music Shop L-183,
> which are incorrectly listed by Rust (and in my own LMS discography) as
> 39632/39634.
> Michel Ruppli and David Lennick have pointed out that 39632 is a record
> by Irene Bordoni and 39634 is by Michael Coleman; but the numbers
> 39640/1 are apparently unaccounted for and may be the correct numbers
> for the Greta Keller.
> Does anyone have a copy of the record to confirm this?
> -- Jack Raymond
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