[78-L] Greta Keller on LMS 183

Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl.invalid
Fri Aug 11 06:54:13 PDT 2017

Almost exactly 7 years ago Liberty Music Shops 183 by Greta Keller was discussed here.
The record was recently on ebay, offered by Jazzman78, who gave - as usual - the matrices.
I do not know if the problem has been solved already, but here are the details:

GRETA KELLER with piano accompaniment:
39533-B Midnight Breeze
39534-B Where Are You?

Rust, CED2, gives mxs 39632/34 NY c 15 Jun 1935, which are typos with a date guessed for these typos.
Mx 39531 is Cleo Brown's Pelican Stomp, 20 May 1935 (single title, NY).
Mx 39535 starts the Willie The Lion Smith session of 22 May 1935 (all NY).
So the Kellers are from 20 or 21 May 35.
There are more mx-groups with "details unknown" at this time in Ruppli's Decca books.
Maybe NY custom recordings?

PREVIOUS DISCUSSION, saved 16-8-2010:
Thanks, David.  As you point out, Rust lists 39632 for both Bordoni and
Keller.  I have checked my copy of the Bordoni and it is 39631/2; so the
Keller must be 39633/4, not 39632/3.  But if anyone actually has a copy
of the Keller to confirm which matrix number goes with which side, it
would be appreciated.
-- Jack Raymond

> David Lennnick wrote:
> Odd..according to the Decca books, 39640/1 are unknown. 39631/2 are 
> Irene Bordoni on Decca white label S-1 (which I have, but not handy 
> to check the disc) and 39633 is unknown. Rust shows 39632 and 39634.
>> Jack Raymond wrote:
>> Does anyone on the List happen to have a copy of Liberty Music Shop
>>  L-183 Greta Keller: Midnight Breeze/Where Are You?  In my 
>> numerical list of LMS records I show the matrix numbers as 39632-B
>>  and 39634-B respectively; but I've just been told that those 
>> numbers were used elsewhere and that the numbers for LMS-183 are 
>> probably 39640 and 39641. Can anyone confirm this?
I've been trying to determine the correct matrix numbers for Greta Keller: 
Midnight Breeze/Where Are You on Liberty Music Shop L-183, 
which are incorrectly listed by Rust (and in my own LMS discography) as

Michel Ruppli and David Lennick have pointed out that 39632 is a record
by Irene Bordoni and 39634 is by Michael Coleman; but the numbers
39640/1 are apparently unaccounted for and may be the correct numbers
for the Greta Keller.

Does anyone have a copy of the record to confirm this?
-- Jack Raymond

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