[78-L] ​ Re: how do you clean albums?

Inigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Tue Jul 25 08:12:28 PDT 2017

​I usually do as Roger, but using a dry standard dust-cleaning cloth.​

​BTW. I'd need some 200​ x 10-inch albums plus other 50 x 12-inch albums to
my whole collection. An old project postponed time after time because of
lack of album source, or
​ enormous ​

Can any of you suggest a good source of used albums in fair condition and
fair price? Time ago I tried Nauck, but he was out of albums. Years ago,
Hawthornes offered to supply albums, but shipping from america costed a lot
of money, and they also could supply only a few.

I've also approached people in Madrid, Spain, as bookbinders and the like,
but they charge some $70 per album, $50 in huge quantities.

So the cost, in th sweetest of dreams. could go up to pretty $2500 or so...

Finally, I decided to start making my own albums, and I've made... only
two. They look nice, but are too difficult to make by hand, one by one. It
would take years to complete the task. A third try is ongoing, using
Nauck's Disc-o-File sleeves, simply tied together as a book, and later
bound with rexine-covered cardboard covers, etc. It is a cheaper version,
and could work.

But a good cheap source of machine-made albums... Does that thing still
exist somewhere?


Inigo Cubillo
Madrid, SPAIN

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