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Inigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Tue Jul 25 07:59:38 PDT 2017

Just a dozen days ago I went chasing, and picked some 20 78s at a 2nd hand
record store. Found one of those funny good frenchies, a FRANCIS SALABERT
record (don't remember the number just now) drawn from Pathé/Perfect
masters, masked by Salabert control numbers (NS 794 & NS 795).

One side is 'Who?' by Kaufman (actual Pathe master number 106552 can be
read under the label, and is confirmed by

The other side is somewhat a mistery; song is 'Just a cottage small',
credited to a certain FLYNN.

Abrams et. al. list this recording as Pathe 32258 & Perfect 12237 (or so)
with performer JIMMY FLYNN. But they don't give the actual matrix number,
which neither cannot be peeped out under the label. Only 'original'
markings that can be seen are the usual Pathe stamper processing date, this
one is given somewhere in 1926.

The question is... Did FLYNN or JIMMY FLYNN actually exist, or is it a
pseudonym? The web lists this name as a pseudonym for Irving Kaufman. The
voice, after two or three hearings, seems similar to John McCormack, but
he's not reported to have ever recorded for Pathe.

Any kind soul can help identifying such good singer?

(BTW, the song is piano accompanied).



Inigo Cubillo
Madrid, SPAIN

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