[78-L] Larry Clinton Question

Taylor Bowie bowiebks at isomedia.com.invalid
Sun Jun 11 20:02:57 PDT 2017

If anybody is interested,  I found the 1956 cut on YouTube...I bet I was no 
more than 12 the last time I heard it...perhaps not to everybody's taste but 
all these years later I still like it.



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> On 11/06/17 20:27, Taylor Bowie wrote:
>> When I was little (ca. 1960),  I recall that my aunt had one of those 
>> Victor
>> compilation albums called "Sixty Years of Music America Loves Best."  I
>> can't recall all the tracks,  but three stick in my mind:  The Berigan of 
>> I
>> Can't Get Started...the Crosby of Just a Gigolo...and a Larry Clinton
>> version of Dipsy Doodle...no vocal,  but at the end the band guys all 
>> holler
>> "Look out!"
>> I've never been able to figure out what the source might be for that 
>> track.
>> Taylor
> ==============
> Could it be this session?
> Larry Clinton
> [C5885-10]
> Chris Griffin, Doc Severinsen, Bernie Privin, Jimmy Nottingham (tp) Jack
> Satterfield, Mervin Gold, Lou McGarity (tb) Sid Cooper, Phil Olivella
> (cl,as) Boomie Richman, Hank Ross (ts) Sol Schlinger (bar) Al Caiola (g)
> Eddie Safranski (b) Jimmy Crawford (d) Helen Ward (vcl) Larry Clinton
> (arr,dir)
> New York, June 1, 1956
> G2JB-4662    Study in surrealism    Vic LPM1342
> G2JB-4663    Martha (hw vcl)       -
> G2JB-4664    The dipsy doodle       -
> G2JB-4665    A study in Brown       -       , RCA VSP6043
>      Julian Vein
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