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Yes there is evidence that it was recorded, but admittedly it is flimsy.
The book, "Your Hit Parade," fourth edition, edited by Bruce C. Elrod gives as a reason for it not being released as follows:
"Shrewd businessman and topdog at RCA (in 1938), Tommy Dorsey had recorded it and on hearing the new Clinton band's version, told the brass 'no'".
Sounds like a credible story but could also be pure fiction.
I would take the combined input of this list over "Your Hit Parade" any day.
That it why I asked.
And I have seen other mistakes in this book.
Thanks to all for the replies
- Julian Vein wrote: 
> I have checked Lord 10.0 and ADBORAF and can't find it listed. Is there 
> any evidence that it was recorded? Bearing in mind that Tommy Dorsey had 
> recorded it for Victor on October 14 1937 (the day before Clinton's 
> first session for the same company), it seems unlikely that the company 
> would have Clinton do it as well, particularly as TD was the bigger name.

- RayK wrote:
> > Does anyone have or know a link to a Larry Clinton discography?
> > In particular I am looking to find the exact date he recorded THE DIPSY DOODLE with Bea Wain, probably in late 1937.
> >  From what I understand his recording was never released by Victor on a 78, hence it is missing from all of the discographies that I have found online.
> > I did see mention of a complete discography by Charles Garrod, but haven't located it online.
> > I am aware of an instrumental version that was released later, and also a Bea Wain vocal with the band from a radio transcription.
> > But I am ultimately looking for the date he recorded THE DIPSY DOODLE with Bea Wain for Victor, which was never released, if there was such a recording.
> > I am not trying to track down the audio, just the date.
> > Thanx for any leads.
> > RayK
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