[78-L] Folkways - EARLY releases, 78rpm releases - Questions

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Wed Apr 19 15:21:52 PDT 2017

Folkways started releasing circa 1948-49.


The ETHNIC FOLKWAYS LIBRARY 78rpm albums carried an EFL prefix.  Discs were

numbered with EF prefix, matrix numbers 014xx, that I've seen.  Were there

numbering systems ????


The regular FOLKWAYS releases INITIALLY catalogued as FOL (78rpm) or FOLL
(LP) prefix.

I SUSPECT (can anyone provide actual evidence to support this contention)
that the

FOL/FOLL prefix caused confusion, so the prefix for LP releases was changed
to FP.


  What does FP signify ???   Again, I hypothesize it meant Folkways
Plastylite.  Also

possibly Folkways Production, or ?????  Any documentation to support or
refute this ????


I have seen 78rpm disc labels which say FOLKWAYS RECORDS, others for same

which say FOLKWAYS RECORDS and Serv. Corp.

  Anyone know which came first ????


78rpm releases:

I would like to compile a list of ACTUAL (i.e. discs exist, not only a
catalog entry) 78rpm

releases of Folkways albums (NOT the Ethnic Folkways Library, at this time).

If you have these discs, please send details.  THANKS!


LP releases - does anyone have LP releases with the FOLL prefix ????

Is it on the Jacket AND Disc label, only on Jacket, or only on disc label

The early Folkways LP releases I've seen have a small label pasted on the

which sometimes contains the FP number and FOL (78rpm) number.




Best wishes, Thomas.


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