[78-L] Shure M44G vs M44-7

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca.invalid
Sun Apr 9 16:24:15 PDT 2017

Stantons track very close to the disc, so warps can be a problem there. I often 
have to tilt the whole cartridge a bit to avoid bumping.

I still love the SC-35 and the styli were very durable..thought to grab the one 
that showed up on eBay last week but didn't.

Avoid like the plague a piece of garbage Shure made called the N78S. Tracks too 
light, beds at the slightest defect or crack. Plays mint 50s 78s nicely (if 
they've been cleaned) and that's about it. (The SS78E can take extra 
pressure..half dollar on the tone arm, no problem-o.)


On 4/9/2017 7:11 PM, Mark Bardenwerper wrote:
> On 4/9/2017 5:28 PM, Tim Huskisson wrote:
>> There have been many conversations about 78rpm playback equipment here, and
>> the preferred choice of cartridge among 78rom record collectors has (from
>> memory of previous threads) been  either the SHURE M44 or the STANTON 500.
>> I've ruled out the STANTON 500 due to its known problems with warped
>> records. So, the M44 would appear to be my preferred choice, but I suspect
>> modern day M44's are not the same as those produced decades ago and beloved
>> by 78rpm collectors.
>> SHURE are offering a model M44-7 and a model M44G. Both appear to be aimed
>> at the DJ'ing market. The M44-7 is said in at least one review to have
>> 'enhanced bass'. It's hard enough getting the correct EQ playback for
>> pre-RIAA 78rpm records without having to also deal with a cartridge that
>> doesn't produce a flat response. So, I'm sceptical of the M44-7 - but SHOULD
>> I BE? Or would the M44G be a better choice?
>> There is also a SHURE model SC35C which is supposed to be a copy of the
>> original SC35 that was once the preferred choice of the BBC.  But again, I
>> suspect the current SC35C model is a far cry from what the BBC were using
>> back in the 1970's.
>> SHURE also offer a dedicated 78rpm cartridge M78S which appears to be a MONO
>> version of the SC35C. I don't want MONO forced on me, because any audio
>> restoration I choose to do is helped by the ability to work separately on L
>> & R channels. But since the (dedicated 78rpm cartridge) M78S is a mono
>> version of the SC35C, perhaps the SC35C would be a better choice than either
>> of the M44 models.
>> They are all listed here: http://www.shure.com/americas/products/phono
>> Can any list members offer their opinions of these current SHURE models?
>> That is the M44-7, M44G, and the SC35C.
> This is the first time I heard of Stanton 500 warped record indictment.
> Read here. Carts are no better than their syli.
> http://www.esotericsound.com/CartStyli.htm

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