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Or three?

Looks like AllMusic has them hopelessly confused at the very least. Now I'm leaning towards there being three of them. Four, counting our old friend. 

Unless the songwriter also played trumpet and sang with Ben Selvin - the guy who played w Harry James would have been only 15 or so in 1928.  I found an interview with him and his recollections of the early bands wasn't strong enough to indicate he was there that early. 

Thanks for digging up this link for me, Ray. 

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> On Mar 23, 2017, at 12:36 PM, kil at roadrunner.com.invalid wrote:
> It looks like Jack Palmer may be two different guys, the composer and the trumpeter.
> http://www.jazzbiographies.com/Biography.aspx?ID=84
> RayK
> ---- Rodger Holtin wrote: 
>> .not to be confused with the late Jack Palmer, who was a long-time member of
>> 78-L and biographer of Vernon Dalhart.
>> I see this other Jack Palmer show up as a name on Harry James records ca
>> 1939-1942 and Ben Selvin records of the late 1920s.  All Music also
>> identifies this name as being a songwriter (Everybody Loves My Baby, and
>> Jumpin' Jive, to name but a few.  
>> http://www.allmusic.com/artist/jack-palmer-mn0000125612 
>> Under the Songs tab, the list goes on and on, and under the Credits tab,
>> Harry James records show up.  Under Related, the associates read like the
>> Harry James band.
>> Bio tells nearly nothing beyond B 1913 in Nashville, TN; D 2000 in
>> Waterbury, CT
>> Is this really the same guy?  One busy dude, if so.  Imagine a hit
>> songwriter playing second horn to Harry James.  And he would have been among
>> the oldest musicians in the big band era; he'd have been over 40 while with
>> James.  Hmmm.  Anybody know anything else about him?
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