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Thu Mar 23 10:36:02 PDT 2017

It looks like Jack Palmer may be two different guys, the composer and the trumpeter.
---- Rodger Holtin wrote: 
> .not to be confused with the late Jack Palmer, who was a long-time member of
> 78-L and biographer of Vernon Dalhart.
> I see this other Jack Palmer show up as a name on Harry James records ca
> 1939-1942 and Ben Selvin records of the late 1920s.  All Music also
> identifies this name as being a songwriter (Everybody Loves My Baby, and
> Jumpin' Jive, to name but a few.  
> http://www.allmusic.com/artist/jack-palmer-mn0000125612 
> Under the Songs tab, the list goes on and on, and under the Credits tab,
> Harry James records show up.  Under Related, the associates read like the
> Harry James band.
> Bio tells nearly nothing beyond B 1913 in Nashville, TN; D 2000 in
> Waterbury, CT
> Is this really the same guy?  One busy dude, if so.  Imagine a hit
> songwriter playing second horn to Harry James.  And he would have been among
> the oldest musicians in the big band era; he'd have been over 40 while with
> James.  Hmmm.  Anybody know anything else about him?

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