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Great story Dennis.  Thanks for sharing it.

“Ambled” is a good word to describe the way he moved.

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> On Feb 7, 2017, at 8:24 PM, Dennis Flannigan <dennis.flannigan at gmail.com.invalid> wrote:
> ​Seattle hosted Irwin Corey during the 1962, World's Fair. I was a Corey
> fan at 22, and bought tickets early. Seattle's popular radio personality,
> Bob Hardwick touted his appearance and I expected a big crowd. Theater sat
> a thousand or so, so I went early.
> Sparse crowd early, and slowly a few trickled in.
> As we'd entered, a two Jehovah Witness asked if we were Jehovah Witnesses
> too. Most of us skipped the pamphlet, came in and sat down.
> Soon, Irwin ambled from the back lobby toward the stage, looking at the
> small gathering, he walked on stage, and said, "Two guys outside asked if I
> was a Jehovah Witness? I told them, 'I didn't even seen the accident."
> He got his laugh, went back stage and returned as Professor Irwin Corey. It
> was a marvelous two hours of humor and laughs. Before he finished, , he
> asked us if we had any questions. We all did, and he answered until we got
> tired. Wonderful evening of belly laughs and soul baring, too. Funny, wild
> comic mind. Missed for sure.
> df
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