[78-L] Rich Conaty1954-2016 RIP

Aaron Hunter ahunter01 at comcast.net.invalid
Sun Jan 1 12:26:52 PST 2017

I met Rich at the Wayne Mechanical Music Extravaganza show many years 
back.  And through him, learned of his show.  I began recording the show 
since I get up at 5 in the morning and purchased his Big Broadcast CDs 
through the radio station.  We also had old cars in common but he didn't 
know me from Adam and never had a chance to talk since he was always 
busy with friends he knew and selling his records and CDs.  Even so, I 
will miss him greatly.  I'll never be able to ask at the door again, "Is 
Rich Conaty here yet?"

Aaron Hunter
Southampton, NJ

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