[78-L] About record sleeves

Inigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Wed Nov 23 13:15:27 PST 2016

I too bid for the re-sleeving at the record shops. Elodie, being in
Scotland, I bet you are talking about those marvelous thick cardboard
sleeves with advertisements of every record or music dealer, record arcades
and the like, you have in GB. I strongly recommend you to check the
articles about British record sleeves in 'For The Record', the journal of
CLGPS. These were titled 'Covers Covered', and had photos and some talking
about many of these sleeves. Dunno if they're still running that series...
I'll check right now...
No. They were run by the late Tom Little, who passed away just one year
ago. Good bless him! He started this series in spring 2005 (FTR no 13)
calling the two first articles 'Sleeve Search'. No 3 was the first to be
renamed as 'Covers Covered'. I quitted from CLGPS in 2008, due to
involuntary circumstances, but have resumed membership recently, just to
find some of the veteran members and active collaborators have recently
passed away...
I also collect British records as they fall in my hands, and have also a
nice bunch of those heavy covers. I keep them in boxes, apart from the
records, but have also plans to maybe reproduce them on new paper covers
for daily use. A scanner and a good printer would do the marvel!


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