[78-L] Does anybody know whether it is possible to make a 78 rpm record that could be play on an acoustic phonograph?

Kristjan Saag saag at telia.com.invalid
Sat Nov 12 04:53:46 PST 2016

Hi, Eric,
This has been discussed both on this list and elsewhere. See...
...for instance.
Perhaps it's possible to do this as a one-off project, but you'd still 
need the equipment capable of grinding, blending and heating limestone, 
slate, shellac, carbon black, cotton fibres etc in order to produce the 
biscuit to press. Pressing temperature seems to have been a bit higher 
than for vinyl pressings, not pressure, however. It'd probably be 
possible to use the equipment in a vinyl pressing plant (who also grinds 
used vinyl and fillers in most cases - virgin vinyl is not the ideal 
compound for durable records), although the press, due to temperature 
differences, would be separate.
I'd suggest you make friends with a well-to-do 78's collector looking 
for somewhere to get rid of his savings. I'm not sure you'll find this 
person on this list...

On 2016-11-12 01:23, ERIC BYRON wrote:
>   Doesanybody know whether it is possible to make a 78 rpm record that 
> could be playon an acoustic phonograph?  The kind ofrecord that would 
> interest me would have the durability of records made before1925.  Any 
> suggestions would be greatlyappreciated. 
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