[78-L] Kubelik

Michael Quinn michael.quinn94 at gmail.com.invalid
Mon Sep 26 19:41:16 PDT 2016

Hi Christopher,
I agree with you and think someone has made an error. They have confused
two different recordings.
The HMV of the Spanish Dance is a London recording made on the 7th May 1913
with a matrix number z 7328 and a single-face catalogue number HMV 07988. I
have DB 676 and that matches the foregoing information. However both the
DAHR & Bolig attach DB 676 to the Victor recording made later the same
year. I looked at Alan Kelly's Gramophone Company matrix  lists but he does
not give any Victor number for matrix z 7328 .
There seems to be a similar muddle with the Wieniavski Second Concerto
finale on DB 672 which is listed on DAHR as a Victor recording when it is
actually a different HMV recording.
I don't have many Kubelik discs but I noticed that one of mine Victor 74256
a US issue of the HMV recording of Randegger's Pierrot's Serenade is
missing from the DAHR but is listed in Bolig's Red Seal
I also see from Alan Kelly's matrix listings that Kubelik cut quite a few
electrical discs in London from 1926 to 1928 but none appear to have been
issued. I wonder if any tests survive?
Do you have access to Creighton's Violin discography? - it may have a
better coverage of the Kubelik discs.
Best Wishes
Mike Quinn

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