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John Wright vintage at jabw.demon.co.uk.invalid
Mon Sep 26 02:48:36 PDT 2016

Sam, thank you for the reminder about your 78rpm mag which I have subscribed
to for years but I don't regularly visit the website.

There's always a wealth of information in each issue of the mag, and I tend
to forget to visit the website for the latest issue.

I'm also a bit of an old fogie and I really struggle to navigate around the
site and find it hard view/scroll through the pages, and to find documents,
and would prefer to save things to my PC to read or print e.g. the Carroll
Gibbons discographies, I'm still trying to find them :o)

Perhaps you could give us a brief instruction of how to navigate the site in
an efficient manner? Or should I just persevere and try and get the hang of
it on screen?

John Wright


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For what it's worth, the following may interest some.
Some of the most recent issues of the online 78rpm Discographer Magazine
feature the following of interest.

Vol 3, No 1 (Aug 15)
Page 6 - First Commercial Discs Recorded in Australia Page 17 - Recording at
Columbia Studios, Sydney Page 20 - New ?Rhythm-Style Series - Discography
Page 50 - Parlophone Pedigree Page 54 - Harry Bidgood ? From Vocalion to
Primo Scala

Vol 3, No 2 (Oct 15)
Page 6 - Parlophone?s ?Race Series? - A Survey Page 10 - ?Race Series?
Performer Biographies Page 24 - Parlophone?s ?Race Series? Discography
Matrix Page 38 - Cyril Ramon Newton - The Voice of the 1920?s Page 65 -
Cyril Ramon Newton - Solo Vocal Discography Page 79 - 78rpm Cataloger
Software - New Version

Vol 3, No 3 (Dec 15)
Page 6 - ?A New Departure??: Record Series, Rhythm Clubs, and the Reception
of ?Hot Rhythm? Music in 1930s Britain Page 16 - Charles Nat Star ? A life
in Music Page 50 - Sydney Goes Gatsby! - A Pictorial History

Vol 3, No 4 (Feb 16)
Page 3 - Handy Guide to 78rpm Record Label Prefixes Page 20 - Elsie
Carlisle: Recording Actress Page 35 - Columbia Masterworks - X Series (Part
2 - 201-355) Page 65 - Columbia Masterworks - Numerical listing of the sets

Vol 3, No 5 (Apr 16)
Page 3 - The Marx Brothers? ?Everyone Says ?I Love You?? in Film and Popular
Music Page 21 - The First Disc Recording in Britain Page 40 - Dorothy
Carless - Heart and Soul - Biography Page 63 - Dorothy Carless 78 RPM

Vol 3, No 6 (Jun 16)
Page 3 - The Rotorua Maori Choir ? A History, Discography and Analysis Page
26 - Maori Songs - Sheet Music Page 32 - Maori Records ? Window Displays
Page 36 - Alfredo ? From Vagabond to Gipsy


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