[78-L] Odeon recording experts' signatures

Inigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Sat Sep 10 04:57:35 PDT 2016

Recently I've become a member of Gesellschaft fur Historische Tonträger, a
discographies society based in Vienna, Austria. This together with the
rediscovery of website recordingpioneers.com has brought to mind an old
matter about which I wrote years ago with someone else ---I don't remember
his name--- at 78-L, or at ARSC list.
The question was that of the german Odeon recording experts' signatures
that are found there engraved on the run-out area of related 78s. I had
identified several different signatures for records pressed in Spain, and
we talked about the possibility of scanning them and exchange the scans for
further research.
Someone herein remembers that? Is that person reading this and wanting to
resume that forgotten project? I would want to contact him (or her) again...


Inigo Cubillo
Madrid, Spain

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