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Did not mean to imply the records were at fault at all, but many times the larger adaptors - the 45 changer mechanisms - were pretty loose and the records wobbled around the turntable.  I lived with that until I discovered the inserts. Yes, 45s had pretty good sound. 

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>> The big hole in the Americn 45s was the introduction of massive
>> wow that seems to have become part of the music. Always played
>> off center. Guessing the European records maye have played a
>> little truer with less work.
> I've never encountered problems with wow or off-center holes in
> 45s more than any other format of record.  45s actually have a
> higher surface velocity than all but the outermost track or two of an LP,
> so a 45 frequently sounds better than the same cut off an LP album.
> I think the reason so many European 45s have molded-in small
> spindle adapters is that EMI wasn't as strict about enforcing the
> licensing for the technology, since they had a not-invented-here
> apathy towards it. I read somewhere that Philips learned a lot
> about fee-free patent licensing from RCA's experience with the 
> 45, and licensed the Compact Cassette patents themselves all
> over the world, rather then relying on patent pool partners in other
> markets.
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