[78-L] The Barrelhouse Jazz Gang-Tom Pickering - Test Pressing?

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Tom Lord Lists as this:
The Barrelhouse Jazz Band : Col Wells (tp) Ian Pearce (tb) Tom Pickering (cl,vcl) Keith Stackhouse (p) Geoff Sweeney (g) Ced Pearce (d)
|   | Hobart, January 20, 1949 |

| H11 | I'm satisfied with my gal (tp vcl) | Ampersand (Aus)19 |
| H12 | Ole broke-up stomp |          - |

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I recently found an interesting record featuring Tom Pickering and the Barrelhouse Jazz Gang.  
Not sure if it is a test pressing or something else.  Was this ever a regular issue?  
The group consists of:
Col Wells (trumpet), Tom Pickering (clarinet), Ian Pearce (trombone), Keith Stackhouse (piano),

Geoff Sweeney (guitar), & Ced Pearce (drums).

You can see and hear the record on YouTube here:



Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks!  Cliff

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