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> Happy 93rd birthday to (Baby) Rose Marie.
> She made this 78 at age 7, according to the label.
> http://www.popsike.com/11-78-RPM-BABY-ROSE-MARIE-VICTOR-22960/120634397807.html
> The label scan shows the "B" side.
> The "A" side, SAY THAT YOU WERE TEASING ME was a hit in 1932.
> FWIW, Joel Whitburn says she is the last living pre-WWII hitmaker. 

The labels of Victor 22960 state "The Seven Year Old Radio Star" but they're not strictly correct here. Rose Marie was born 15 August 1923, and this record was made 10 March 1932 (in Studio #2, 155 E. 24th St., NYC, "made on approval"; BSHQ 71940-1/BSHQ 71941-1); thus she was eight-and-a-half years old. Perhaps that's close enough. Victor 22960 was her first commercially-issued record.

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