[78-L] Harry Parry titles

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Jepsen usually made original lists for the postwar artists (only A-L, through 1949-1955, were in Jazz Directory).
Copied by Bruyninckx, who certainly had not much time to do new research on 1940/50s artists.
And Lord copied everything (i.e. pre-1980 issues) from the Bruyninckx late 1980s paperbacks (and some blues from the loose-leaf discography), as he had to spend his time on later recordings and issues.
But the last Bruyninckx CD may have new info, compiled in the meantime.

han enderman

>>>I decided to check these titles in Jepsen, and they are missing from 
there too! Looks like Lord got his info from there.

      Julian Vein
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> "My Favourite Dream" -- Parlophone R 2957; mx. E 11303 "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah" -- Parlophone R 2962; mx. E 11306 Randy
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> I have just acquired a Harry Parry CD on Sunflower Records SUN 2162.
> I've been able to trace most of the titles, except for two: "My
> Favourite Dream" (vocal, Gail Paige) and "Someone's In The Kitchen With
> Dinah" (vocal, Harry Parry). The sound on these is more "hi-fi" than the
> rest, but not necessarily better.
>        Julian Vein

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