[78-L] Leona Anderson, et al

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Lillian is definitely one I had in mind. Others from my notes: 

HELENA MANLEY..sounds like Butterfly McQueen channeling Florence Foster Jenkins. Various on Champion, Decca and Vocalion.

DAISY MARTIN..equally bad. Off-key shrieks.OKeh 8008B  WON'T SOMEONE HELP ME FIND MY LOVIN' MAN? has an unbelievable last note

Gennett 6090B  BLUE AND ALL BY MYSELF  12664-A (2:26)HATTIE GARLAND as VIOLET JACKSON (bloody horrible)

Bluebird B6042B  I AIN'T GOT NOBODY  91436-1 (2:56)OLIVER BROWN FROM NEW ORLEANS (Yodels! or tries to)

 Decca 7080A  STEADY GRINDING BLUES  9346-A (3:07)DOROTHY BAKER unintelligible and can't count.

For that matter, Bessie Smith's "Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight" is a disaster..she's fine but the band has never played the tune before, obviously, and blows clam after clam and false entries are not unknown.,

Ladies got the blues and so do we.


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> Yry  Lillian Delk Christian (who even recorded with Louis Armstrong) for
> horrendous 1920s blues vocalizing.
> Dave Weiner
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> >By the way, there are an awful lot of 20s blues singers who managed to
> >make one or two records (sometimes more) without having the slightest
> >ability to sing on key or to count. I'm digitizing a large collection and
> >sometimes I wonder why I spend each lonely night..torturing myself.
> >(Okay, I get paid to do it.)
> >
> >
> >And instrumentally yours, there's Harry Snodgrass, the King of the
> >Ivories.
> >dl
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