[78-L] Clifford Vaughan Ensemble - Co-Art label

Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl.invalid
Mon May 16 18:05:59 PDT 2016

When I saved a scan of ACA-136 (in 2014), the seller said it was a 3 record set.
With the exception of the Oriental set, all labels I've seen are in a 5000 series.
I have several scans, in range 5018-5058. 
Labels regularly mention Lange.
The lowest mx is ACA-148 on 5018; highest mx CA-225 on 5058.
A seller gave 1946 as date for 5041.
5049-5051 (Cesar Franck, Trio) were in Album 101 (mentioned on label); 5058-5061 in 103.

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