[78-L] Asch album 370 Roll The Union On - matrix numbers needed

Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl.invalid
Thu Apr 14 13:06:42 PDT 2016

Asch 301-A has mx 583 (from label scan).
The label also lists Pete Seeger.
The label of mx 580 does not mention the Priority Ramblers.

han enderman
6 issued sides on ASCH 370 Roll The Union On (Asch 301-303), 

one previously unissued side in Bear Family Songs for Political Action,

one alternate take in Smithsonian Folkways That's Why We're Marching.


I did not see a session listing in the BEAR FAMILY book - did I miss it ??


Hope someone can fill in the MATRIX numbers for these recordings.  THANKS!


Only 1 of the six issued sides is included in the Bear Family set - have the
others been issued elsewhere ????


Below is the information I have.

Best wishes, Thomas.



December 10, 1946

ASCH set 370 ROLL THE UNION ON  [Asch 301-303]
3-10" 78rpm 1946

10-CD box, book 1996

SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS  40021  That's Why We're Marching: WWII and the
American Folk Song Movement      CD 1996


xxx  301A  LISTEN MR. BILBO(Bob Claiborne, Adrienne Claiborne)

            Hally Wood, Lee Hays, Lou Kleinman, Dock Reese

xxx  301B  THIS OLD WORLD(Lee Hays)

584  302A  ROLL THE UNION ON(Lee Hays, Claude Williams)

            sung by Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, Hally Wood, Butch Hawes, Lou
Kleinman, Dock Reese

xxx  302B  PUT IT ON THE GROUND(Bill Wolff and Ray Glaser)

580  303A  I'M A-LOOKING FOR A HOME(Bernie Asbel, Tom Glazer, Alan Lomax and
the Priority Ramblers)

            sung by Pete Seeger, Hally Wood, Butch Hawes, Lee Hays, Lou
Kleinman, Dock Reese

SMITHSONIAN-FOLKWAYS 40021(24.) acetate #816

            Pete Seeger, vocal, banjo; Butch Hawes, vocal, guitar; Lee Hays,
Doc Reese, Hally Wood, vocals 

xxx  303B THE RANKIN TREE(Lee Hays and Walter Lowenfels)

previously unissued from this session:

xxx       JOE HILL                                                BEAR
FAMILY BCD 15720 7.2

       Butch Hawes, Hally Wood, Lee Hays, Lou Kleiman, Dock Reese

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