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Can someone provide additional information about this MET opera singer - I've searched the internet for information

and found only what is detailed below.



Cheers, Thomas.



Genevieve Warner

born 1928, Amsterdam NY


education ???

JULLIARD Graduate School of Music -  years ???


Winner MARIAN ANDERSON Award  -  year ???


MET debut: Die Zauberflöte 11/25/1950

August 1951 assaulted and robbed in Edinburgh


many MET appearances 1950-54


NY Times January 23, 1955 "signed a year s contract to sing leading soprano roles at the opera house in GELSENKIRCHEN, Germany."


a very brief April 13, 1961 NY Times obit for her mother Mrs. MARY WARNER states

"Miss Warner's married name is Countess Puslowski."

I assume this refers to Genevieve Warner - I can speculate that Warner married in 

Germany and retired ??????




The NY Public Library has a RtR recording in the TOSCANINI LEGACY COLLECTION

dated NOVEMBER 1, 1947 of Mendelssohn A midsummer night's dream. Excerpts (38:38) 

with NBC Symphony Orchestra, Edna Philips (mezzo), and Peter Wilhousky Women's Chorus.



COLUMBIA ML 4365                                               LP 1951

Songs Of Mozart;  Songs Of Schubert

GENEVIEVE WARNER with Franz Rupp, Piano.


Songs of Mozart. Dans un bois solitaire, K. 308 = In a lonely forest --

Das Lied der Trennung, K. 519 = Song of separation --

Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers verbrannte, K. 520 = When Louise burned the letters of her unfaithful lover --

Abendempfindung, K. 523 = Evening mood --Das Veilchen, K. 476 = The violet --

An Chloe, K. 524 = To Chloe. --


Songs of Schubert. Lied der Mignon, op. 62, no. 4 = Song of Mignon --

An die Nachtigall, op. 98, no. 1 = To the nightingale --

Im Frühling, op. posth. = In spring --

Im Abendroth, op. posth. = Sunset --

Gott im Frühling, op. posth. = God in spring --Die Gebüsche, op. posth. = The bush.


     these recordings are listed in the 78rpm COLUMBIA MASTERWORKS Discography as 

     planned for release on 78rpm but never issued:

        Recorded 9 and 11 October 1950  

       Set M-976  MM 17624-D - 17626-D  XCO 43609 to XCO 43614  3x10" 78rpm  MOZART

       Set M-977  MM 73162-D - 73164-D  XCO 43615 to XCO 43620  3x1x" 78rpm  SCHUBERT



COLUMBIA ML 4592                                                                           LP 1952

COLUMBIA CL 826                                                                               LP 1956

COLUMBIA (Can) OS 2380                                                                 LP 1963

ODYSSEY(Columbia) Y 32367                                                            LP 1973

DRG 19018                                                                                           CD 2002

Sigmund Romberg's THE STUDENT  PRINCE

  Dorothy Kirsten, Robert Rounseville, Genevieve Warner, Clifford Harvuot,

Wesley Dalton, Frank Rogier, Brenda Miller, Jon Geyans,  Robert Goss,

Robert Holland,  Robert Eckles. Chorus and orchestra conducted by Lehman Engel.


Duet and Chorus: Just We Two  by  Genevieve Warner; Robert Goss.




COLUMBIA ML 4666                                                                             LP 1952

COLUMBIA CL 838                                                                                 LP 1956

DRG 19033                                                                                             CD 2002


  Dorothy Kirsten as Sonia the Merry Widow, Robert Rounseville as Danilo, Genevieve Warner as Natalie, Clifford Harvout as Baron Popoff, Wesley Dalton as Camille. Chorus and orchestra conducted by Lehman Engel.



COLUMBIA ML 4685                                                                            LP 1953

HANDEL: Il Pastor Fido

Genevieve Warner, Lois Hunt, Genevieve Rowe, soprano; Elizabeth Brown, Virginia Paris, contralto; Frank Rogier, baritone; Columbia Chamber Orchestra; Lehman Engel, conductor.

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